Field of flowers


One day we were sitting in a field of flowers

We were waiting for the fire
Or were we waiting for the rain?

In the field
No protection
Just there

The sun rises and falls
Over and over

Then there’s fire
Where’s the rain?

This can’t be
The field is gone

The smoke lingers on us
It’s so heavy
Where’s the rain?

A new field is ahead
Don’t get burned
Pray for a rain.



November 3, 2016

Today was one of those days The kind where I couldn’t find the right words

The kind I felt silly for even feeling the way I did 

That feeling was back

The empty one

I can’t fix it

Because I don’t know why I’m even feeling it 

You know why 

You’re just trying to act like it’s not happening 

But it is

It happens every year

Around this time 

You want to cry 

You want to be angry

You want to be free
Acknowledge the hurt 

Acknowledge the life taken away too soon

But don’t stay in the empty place 

It’s too dark there 

You love to watch the sunrise and sunset
You need to make that ‘phone call’

Talk for as long as you need 

Then hang up

Go out the door 
And live.